Gilded Goat Bath Luxuries - Handcrafted Coconut Oil Sugar Scrubs - Made To Order


The Gilded Goat's collection of luxury handcrafted 100% coconut oil sugar scrubs will leave your skin feeling baby soft and smelling delicious! Our luxury exfoliting sugar scrubs can be used on your hands, feet and as an all-over body scrub. The Gilded Goat's coconut oil sugar scrubs are made with all natural ingredients and essential oils and can be combined with select dried botanicals and herbs.

Sooth your mind, body and soul with our luxury, made to order, coconut oil sugar scrubs. Our custom selections include:

Activated Charcoal & Sweet Orange
Almond Coconut
Banana Poppy
Berry Berry
Chai Tea
Chocolate Coconut
Cinnamon Apple
Cinnamon Vanilla
Coconut Macaroon
Cucumber Mint & Aloe
Eucayptlus Sugar
Green Tea
Lemon Honey
Lemon Lime
Oatmeal Honey
Passionate Peach
Peppermint Coffee
Raspberry Lemon
Sweet Vanilla
Unicorn Rainbow scented with strawberry, blueberry, lemon & lime essential oils
Warm Vanilla & Brown Sugar

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